October 10, 2017

036Lara WEBLara Barley – HR Director at Family Services of Greater Vancouver

When people talk about care providers they’re usually thinking of professions like doctors, nurses, and social workers. Have you ever wondered who takes care of them? Lara has been supporting the supporters for almost two decades through her HR career in healthcare and social services. How did she get her start?

September 13, 2017

Navid Pooyan – International Resident Physician at St. Paul’s Hospital

Becoming a doctor is tough. Navid did it twice. When he immigrated to Canada, Navid was already a physician in Iran, but as a foreign doctor he was required to get his qualifications again in Canada while also getting accustomed to a new country and holding down a job. How did he manage to do it?

July 10, 2017

gina-shot-2_al-e1500531913730.jpgGina Sandulo – Senior HR Consultant at Deloitte

From digging graves to earning her Master’s in London, Gina has done her fair share of work to get to her position of senior consultant at Deloitte’s Human Capital services. How did she start her journey to becoming an HR professional? And what advice does she have for others who want to do the same?