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How I Got My Job is a website about the ordinary careers of extraordinary people. Each article has a story of someone who found and forged their career, and advice for those who want to do the same. If you’ve ever wondered how to get into a job, what a job is really like, or what kinds of jobs are out there, How I Got My Job is the place for you.

About the authors

emily-e1497254364749.jpgHello! My name is Emily Jeong. I’m a Korean girl, happy wife, and HR and Psychology enthusiast living in Vancouver, Canada. I like to explore, meet new people, and learn, learn, learn! When I was studying Psychology at UBC, I wanted to become an Organizational Behaviour researcher. I knew that I liked examining human behaviour, but I realized that I didn’t enjoy doing research. What else could I do then? I had no idea. I was really confused and scared. Then I discovered that I could do informational interviews to figure out what career would be right for me. But come on! I hated cold-calling random people. How was I supposed to introduce myself? What if I asked dumb questions? What if no one replied to my interview requests? Fortunately, I’ve met lots of kind and passionate people who have shared their wisdom with me. I’ve learned SO much from them, and now I want to share those conversations on this site so others who are confused about career options like I was can learn from them too!



Austin Lee is a co-founder, developer and writer for How I Got My Job. He has long been fascinated about the different kinds of jobs and lives that other people lead. Austin studied Psychology and Organizational Behaviour at the University of British Columbia. Among other things, he has worked as a summer camp instructor, tech support worker, research assistant, peer mentor, and most recently as an HR project coordinator. Austin’s dream career is to make it big as a social science journalist.